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This website is named in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who appeared to St. Simon Stock in the 13th century and gave us the Brown Scapular, and is dedicated to the propagation of orthodox Catholicism. The main focus of this website will be apologetics and the defense of the Catholic faith.
The Carmeli Way is also dedicated to the evangelization of the unchurched and, most especially, those Catholics who have fallen away from the Church. This I hope to achieve through solid apologetics and clear, concise explanations of Church teaching.
In this website you will also find links to photographs of Sacred Art, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find in today's modern Catholic churches and so-called renovated cathedrals. There will be links to other Catholic websites as well.

This site is a safe haven for Catholics, free from heterodoxy and ambiguity. It contains links to many informative and interesting websites, as well as direct links to this website's manager, to whom you may address your questions, comments, suggestions and complaints. 

I thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you will bear with me through the new construction as I will soon be adding the new discussion forum as well as few other exciting offerings. I have reluctantly decided to published this site in its unfinished form due to the fact that the temporary page I set up when I first opened this domain has been receiving so much traffic.


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